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What makes the YMCA a charity?

The YMCA operates for the good of people and communities rather than for a profit. That’s why you will find us taking extra steps to accommodate a disabled child in Day Camp, providing financial assistance to make Y programs affordable for everyone, and delivering programs targeting specific groups or neighbourhoods without cost to participants. The YMCA is for everyone.

How is the Y funded?

YMCA funding comes from Child Care, Health, Fitness and Aquatics membership, and program fees; from services we provide on behalf of partners including governments; from the United Way and from many generous donors.

Does my membership fee support these charitable initiatives?

As a YMCA member your fees pay for the operating costs associated with Health, Fitness and Aquatics programs. As such you help to cover operating costs in buildings that are also home to charitable initiatives. So yes, by choosing to be a Y member, you are part of something larger. However, there is a more impactful role you can play in supporting your community by choosing to become a Y donor. To learn more please visit Opportunities to Give.

Is the YMCA a religious organization?

The YMCA is a non-denominational charitable organization rooted in positive values. The YMCA is an inclusive and welcoming place for all people regardless of background—including religion, ancestry, race and political beliefs.  We recognize and celebrate our diversity as a community.

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Can I rent a YMCA facility?

Yes, our gymnasiums, swimming pool can be rented when they are available. For information please contact the facility directly.

Can I use my Health, Fitness and Aquatics Membership at any YMCA?

All YMCAs in Canada recognize and honour memberships from other Associations, so you can be sure of your welcome whether you're travelling for work or leisure. Similarly, Canadian YMCA memberships are generally recognized and accepted by international Associations. There are some exceptions, so be sure to check with the YMCA you want to visit to confirm their policy.

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What programs do you offer for adults, youth and families?

We offer a wide variety of programs to help individuals and families grow and thrive.  Our programs range from child care, health & fitness, aquatics, employment services, community initiatives and camps.  If you are looking for child care information please contact Kim MacPhee (kim.macphee@cb.ymca.ca).  If you would like information about health & fitness, aquatics; check out our schedule section to see programs available.  If you are looking for employment services please contact 902-564-9151