Trained YMCA staff and volunteers who care and are ready to help you reach your health and wellness goals. The Y offers a full range of options to keep your workout fresh, including strength and cardio equipment, fitness studio and squash courts. Bring the family -- the Y offers activities for all ages.

Membership Types

General Membership:  Access for all ages to our men's, ladies' and family locker rooms with day use lockers.  

Adult Plus Locker Room: Access to our adult only locker rooms with a steam room, day use lockers, kitchenette and lounge area for members 18 years and over for an additional fee. Available at the Frank Rudderham Family YMCA.

Children:  Children between the ages of 0 to 14 are eligible for a youth membership and are exempt from HST.

Youth:  Youth between the ages of 15 to 24 who are full-time students at a recognized school or university are eligible for a youth price (with student ID).

Adult: Adults between the ages of 25 to 59 are eligible for a Adult Membership

Senior:  Members who are 60 years and over are eligible for Senior Membership.

Financially Assisted Membership:  Through the YMCA Opportunity Fund and YMCA Strong Kids Scholarships, YMCA donors help offset the full-cost of YMCA member programs.  The available support varies according to previous year's donations.  An application and proof of personal income and expenses is required. 




Value for Your Dollar

  • The monthly cost of a YMCA family membership is only slightly more than the cost of a family of five to enjoy ONE movie with snacks at a major theatre.
  • The monthly cost of a YMCA Plus membership is about as much as ONE evening of dining for two.
  • Access to all YMCAs worldwide.
  • Registration privileges prior to non-members.

The Value of YMCA Full Service Facilities

  • YMCA facilities include options for a diverse range of activities such as fully certified aquatics programs, adult fitness and lifestyle programs as well as a range of children’s programs
  • The YMCA encourages families to enjoy time together - families can swim, use the gymnasium and attend fitness and recreation classes.
  • YMCA membership includes full-facility access as well as ongoing personal program design.

Day Passes verses Ongoing Membership

Visiting the YMCA five times per month?  An ongoing membership is a better option when compared to purchasing day passes.

Check the membership centre in your neighbourhood for membership fees and details about our facilities and programs.