Section 1: Membership Related Q&A
  1. I purchased a one-year membership. What will happen now?
All pre-paid memberships, including one year and corporate groups, will be extended for the time we were closed.
  1. I have a one-year membership, and I don’t want to renew until the fall. What do I have to do to make sure it doesn’t get automatically restarted?
We understand not everyone will be ready to start back up, so we are providing our members with a four-month hold option. As long as you restart within four months, we will honor your one year with the extension of days we were closed.
  1. My membership comes out of my account every month and was put on hold during the closure. Will my membership restart automatically?
  If you have an ongoing membership, we will be restarting the auto renewal on July 1st.

  1. I had just joined before the closing with your special $20 one month promotion. What will happen now?
All promotional memberships that are owed days will be automatically extended, plus we are giving you 14 days free. 
  1. My membership expired in May, but I was owed two months from the closure. Can I have an extension?
Yes, we will be extending your membership. Just drop by or email the front desk:
  1. I was billed during the closure in error. Can I have a refund?
We can look into this for you. Please email our front desk:
  1. During the closure I donated by membership fees back to the Y. Can I continue to donate monthly?
Thank you for this question!:) Yes, we would be very thankful to receive donations. Please email Anita: to learn more!
  1. What happens after the 14 day” free for member” offer (June 15th-June 29th)?
All members are invited back for a free 14 day offer as our thank you for your continued support. Billing will start for those on the automatic renewal on July 1st.
If you are looking to make changes to your account we ask you contact us before June 30th   email:
  1. When will the new bi-weekly billing begin?
We are happy to introduce the convenience of bi-weekly billing for members on our automatic renewal (ongoing membership). The first billing date is automatically set for July 1st and will proceed every 14 days.
  1. Has the membership fees changed?
Yes, we have increased all memberships by 2-3%.  The increase is very modest relative to the rise in minimum wage and the significant financial losses we experienced though the closure due to the pandemic.
  1. I am receiving financial membership assistance. Will I have to resubmit my application form?
We will be honoring all existing Financial Assistance applications and will let you know if we require an updated application. 
  1. I have an Adult Plus Membership. Since we can’t use the locker room, I want to change to the General Membership.
We can do that for you. Please drop by our Membership Services Desk or email: to make the change. For those able, we hope you consider donating the membership amount.  
  1. I have an Adult Plus Membership and I need to remove some items from my locker. Can I get access?
Yes, we are happy to make that happen for you. Just drop by our Membership Desk and our staff will assist you.
  1. I have a family membership, and my kids aren’t able to use the facility. Can I change the membership to just two adults?
Yes, we can do that for you. Please drop by our Membership Services Desk or email For those able, we hope you consider donating the difference in membership amount. We provide income tax receipts for all donations.
Section 2: Wellness Center Q&A
  1. Will staff be spotting or do I have to bring my own spotter for when I'm lifting weights?
Due to social distancing protocols, staff will not be permitted to act as a spotter.  In addition, we will be asking all members to maintain social distancing rules, which includes while lifting weights.  For this reason, we will encourage members to only lift weights that you know you can safely lift without assistance.
For those members with a physical disability and require assistance, we have a protocol in place. Please speak with our wellness centre staff about your specific needs.
  1. What cleaning protocols are in place in the wellness center?
While we always ask members to clean equipment after using, we will be strictly enforcing this rule.  You will be given your own spray bottle and cleaning cloth upon entering the Wellness Center, and you will be required to clean the equipment both before and after using.  Staff will collect your bottle when your workout is complete to ensure that bottles are safely disinfected between members.  Staff will also be focusing on extra cleaning of high touch zones throughout their shift.
  1. What if other members do not physical distance or clean their equipment?
Members will be given one reminder to follow the new protocols that are in place.  If there is a recurrence, they will be asked to leave.
  1. Have there been any changes to the fitness equipment available?
We have removed several pieces of our larger equipment or taken some things out of service to make space for social distancing, but don't worry - nothing is gone forever!  We will bring equipment back in as we progress through our phases of re-opening.  As for some smaller equipment - resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, chalk, weight belts, etc. - these have been removed for the time being due to their difficulty in being properly disinfected.  You are welcome to bring your own smaller items if they are necessary for your workout.
  1. What is the maximum capacity allowed in the Wellness Centers?
Working within the social distance guidelines and to ensure everyone’s safety we are limiting the Membertou Wellness Center to 30 people. The Frank Rudderham Family YMCA will have a limit of 40 members.
  1. Is there a limit to the time I can spend at the Y?
We are asking members to try to limit their work outs to 60 minutes; understanding that during slower times that will not be an issue. We will keep watch for the demand and only if we reach capacity will we apply the 60 minutes.
  1. What age do my children have to be to come to the Wellness Center?
Children ages 10-14 can use the Wellness Center only if they have YThrive Grow or have our Youth In Action Program.
  1. I joined the YThrive program in January. Can I meet with my coach?
At this time, we are unable to offer anyone one on one coaching. Stay tuned for more information on YThrive over the next few weeks.
  1. I purchased Personal Training Sessions and have several left. When can I book my time?
We will honor all personal training credits. As soon as we can offer one on one coaching, we will be happy to make the appointments for you. If you require a refund please contact our membership services team.
Section 3: Programming/Facility Related Q&A: 
  1. Will I be required to wear a mask?
Mask will not be required. We have carefully thought out how to create social distancing at our facilities, so mask are not required.
  1. When will the pool open? 
At this time, we are not permitted to open the pool.  But even when restrictions are lifted, we may not open it immediately. 
  1. My kids are in swim lessons, will they be guaranteed their spot in fall?
At this time, we are unsure as to guidelines and regulations pertaining to swimming pools. As soon as we are provided more information on when we can open we will be providing updates to our members. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred timeslots.
  1. When can we start using the basketball courts?
Currently, we are not permitted to open up the courts for basketball. However, we will be allowing individuals to shoot on the basketball nets in Phase 2 (after July 1st). The schedule will be announced closer to that time.
  1. Will the squash courts be open?
Yes, we are permitted to open the squash court, but only one player is allowed in the court. We will only have one court available as the second squash court will be used as small workout center.
  1. Will there be summer day camp?
Not at this time. If anything should change we will have updates on our Facebook page.
  1. Will the Youth Zone be opened?
Unfortunately, we are not opening up the Youth Zone until further notice. 
  1. Will the walking track be open?
At this time the walking track will be closed so we can allow for proper social distancing.
  1. Will the Membertou Track be open?
The track is run by the Membertou Wellness Center and at this time, the track is closed until further notice.
  1. Can I still use my membership at both locations?
Yes, you sure can! Just bring your membership card.
  1. At the Membertou Branch where can I store my kitbag?
The lockers rooms will be closed so we ask members to leave kitbags and personal items in their vehicles. There will be seating available in the hallways to allow for change of footwear and members will have access to the cubbies in the lobby.
  1. Can I use the water fountains?
Water fountains will be available for filing water bottles only. Please bring a bottle.
  1. I go directly to work after my workout. Will the showers be available?
No, the showers will remain closed until we are given permission to reopen.
  1. How many people can attend a group fitness class
We can allow for 13 participants in our Spin Class.  Cardio classes including Group Blast, Group Active, HITT, Ripped, 18. (These classes will be held in the gymnasium). Yoga we can have up to 7 participants. Pilates can hae 5 participants.  Spots will be designated and marked, keeping well within the social distance guidelines.
  1. When will group fitness classes start back up?
Group Fitness schedule is now available with over 30 classes a week  (Group Fitness Schedule)
ink: Link: Fitness Schedule is now available with over 30 classes offered each week – Link:
  1. How do I register for a group fitness class?
Classes held in the gym will be a first come first serve while the spin, yoga and pilates classes will require members to call the front desk to book their spot (902)562-9622 opt#1
  1. I participated in YMCA Home while you were closed. Will this still be available when you open?
Yes, we have just received exciting news that YMCA Home will continue to be available for members. Stay tuned as we post information on how to access the program! Member access :

  1. Do I have to bring my yoga mat?
Yes, you will need to bring your yoga mat. We can offer the black vinyl mats as they can be adequately disinfected.
 What are the daily self-survey questions to enter the facility?Two questions are asked:

 Have you traveled outside the Atlantic province in the past 14 days?
 Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19?
  1. Can I bring my kitbag (gym bag or backpack) into the Y?
We ask that you come prepared to workout.  If you bring a gym bag or other items you will be required to bring a lock and use the cubbies lockers or the general locker room.  No Gym bags allowed in the Wellness Centre, Gym or Fitness classesWe ask that you come prepared to workout. If you bring a kitbag or other items you will be required to bring a lock and use the cubbie lockers or day use general locker room. No kitbags allowed in the Gym, Wellness, Center or fitness studios
  1. Where can I store my keys and outdoor shoes?
We will have the small cubbies available in the front (across from the membership desk) lobby of the Frank Rudderham Family YMCA. Members will need to bring their locks. Cubbies are little but will hold keys, wallets, and sneakers. We have 60 available. They are only available for use while you are using our facility.  At Membertou, please leave all valuables at home as we do not have secure storage and staff cannot hold your items.
  1. I lost my Y card can the staff just let me in?
We will require all members to have their membership cards on them when they come in. We will print you a new card. Members will be charged $5 for a new card.
  1. Are you offering any children’s programs over the summer?
We will not be offering children’s programs but look forward to having our Children and Youth Schedule up again. Stay tuned for updates
  1. When will the Y Lotto Toonie Draw start back up?
We are hoping to bring the Toonie Draws back for July. Stay tuned for announcements!
If you have an additional questions please contact us directly via email:
Or call our Branch:
Frank Rudderham Family YMCA (902)562-9622 option #1
Membertou YMCA (902)270-9622