1 in 3 Cape Breton children living in proverty

A study commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, indicate that 32.6 per cent of Cape Breton children are from families living below the poverty line.

As a primary child care provider the YMCA knows the impact poverty is having on our communities.  Eight out of ten children are getting finanical help to offset the full-cost of child care in YMCA Early Child Care.  As one one of Cape Breton's oldest charities, we raise funds to help families and we provide the care so families can work and thrive.

Youth, adults and entire families also receive support through YMCA Opportunity Fund scholarships.  Donors like you, make tax deductible donations to help offset the cost of YMCA programs.  All proceeds from YMCA Strong Kids and Opportunity Fund donations go to children, youth, adults and families in Cape Breton.

We need your help

You can give your time, talent or treasure; donate a gift or volunteer your time or expertise.  Through individual donations, campaigns and events, the YMCA raises funds for YMCA Strong Kids scholarships making child care, health and wellness programs and day camp possible for hundreds of individuals each year.

Stop by, mail or donate online.  You can change a life.  Contact us at (902)562-9622 for more information. 

Give to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

  • "Thanks to those who support the Y"

    YMCA donors changed his life.

  • Financial Support

    The Y is accessble to everyone.  Our Financial Assistance program helps offset the full cost of YMCA memberships and programs.  Fill out Application form and drop off at your nearest YMCA location.  

  • See the Potential

    We offer unique programs and services to meet the needs of our communitiies – we have been building community for over 128 years in Cape Breton! There are children, teens and young adults in every community who, with your help, will be healthier today and more productive tomorrow. 

  • Give your time

    Volunteering can be fun and rewarding.  Join our YMCA Strong Kids campaign.