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What's happening at your local YMCA

This it where you will find our schedules for Aquatics, Group Fitness and our Children and Youth programming.  If you are interested in attending any Aquatics programming or Group Fintess classes you will need to register at as there is limited space available. 
Fall Schedule 2021 (Frank Rudderham Location)
Program Guide Fall 2021
Child & Youth 
Group Fitness 

*Masks are Mandatory in main areas.  Once the fitness class is about to start the masks can be removed.

*Please make sure to sign up for all fitness and aquatics programs classes (Group Fitness sign up) and the aquatics sign up We ask that you please sign up for we can make sure that we are staying within guidelines and to ensure safety.   

*If you have signed up for a fitness class or pool time and you can’t make it, please make sure to cancel your registration so someone else can take that spot.  

*All in person classes will have a bottle with cleaning solution and a towel.  Please make sure to clean equipment before and after use.    

*Please bring a yoga mat to all yoga classes.  Pilates requires a yoga mat and a large foam roller. 

*If you have never been to the YMCA and you are 16 + years of age, you will be required to show government issued photo identification* 

Location Schedules