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Personal Training

Is your workout getting stale? Are you looking to get to the next level? Or do you just need some help getting started? Wherever you are in your fitness journey, a YMCA personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals faster, and have more fun along the way.  

Regardless of your goal – to start exercising for the first time, lose weight, run a 10km, tone muscles, become motivated or move to the next level – a personal trainer can design a program for you. Your trainer will also monitor your progress, and provide strategies to help you achieve your goal.

To book a personal training session, you can contact our trainers directly. If you are unsure who would be the best fit to help you achieve your goals, you can reach out to Emily Jessome, Program and Wellness Manager, at (902) 270-8728 and she will help you figure out who would be a good match for you!